The quiff belongs to one of the most long-playing men’s hairstyles. It has undergone a lot of changes lớn adjust lớn the modern day. Its versatility allows everyone, from baby to adult, to thể thao this haircut successfully. Not only is it appropriate for different age brackets but also for various occasions. In case you have been considering trying out the quiff haircut, we are here to guide you on the right path.

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What Is A Quiff Hairstyle?

The quiff hairstyle is created with the short sides & long vị trí cao nhất hair. Usually, the quiff is styled voluminous & a little messy. You can brush it back or comb over to lớn one side. Being side by side with the most popular mens medium hairstyles lượt thích disconnected undercut và pompadour, the quiff brands into your mind with its striking contrast. However, its messy và curved look sets the quiff apart from other cuts.


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Much lượt thích a Taper Fade, a Quiff is a stylish & trendy hairstyle that features longer hair on top and shorter sides & back. In some cases, the sides và back may be Tapered or Faded khổng lồ improve contrast.



I must say:

As a clean, low-maintenance variation of the Quiff, this haircut is an excellent choice for anyone with short hair (under 2.5”).

Moreover, it is great for men looking for that vintage appeal.

How khổng lồ get it:

Well, if you"d lượt thích a more modern feel to lớn it, then start by fading or tapering the sides. If not, then don"t fade. Instead, slightly trim down the hair and let it fall naturally.As for the styling, apply your favorite sản phẩm throughout the hair và style the fringe into a Quiff. A popular way to bởi this is by having a side-swept Quiff with a part on one side.


For the best results, opt for a more natural finish.

2. Medium Quiff Haircut


With the Medium Quiff, the hair on top is neither long nor short.

So, how long is it?

Well, the most ideal length is usually between two & three inches of hair; with areas closer khổng lồ the back kết thúc of the đứng top having shorter hair than the front end.

To get a Medium Quiff…

You have lớn first ensure that your hair is the right length (2-3”)Trim down the đứng top hair as you move towards the back end to create a gradient. Then style the vị trí cao nhất as desired
Lastly, you can địa chỉ a little bit of contrast or style on the sides and back by doing a nice Medium Fade

Got it?

3. Taper Fade Quiff Haircut


horatiuthebarberWant lớn stand out from the crowd?

The Taper Fade Quiff haircut is perfect for anyone looking lớn make a statement.


This hairstyle features longer hair on top with shorter strands on the sides & back. Basically, the hair is styled up và away from the face. Then, the back và the sides get a neat Taper Fade.

How to get it?

First, make sure you have a lot of hair on top
After that, clip the sides and back and make trims where necessary
Then, apply styling product throughout the hair
Next, comb it up and back while blow drying it into shape
Lastly, vị a Taper Fade on the sides và back to lớn complete this look


For a vintage touch, take a lock from the front, curl it on your finger và then pull it down.

4. Messy Quiff Haircut


Got no time to lớn style your hair?

Well, you can go for the Messy Quiff Haircut. It’s a low-maintenance Quiff variation that remains quite trendy.


As its name suggests, this hairdo features messy hair at the vị trí cao nhất that’s styled into a Quiff.

Plus, you get to decide how you want to keep the sides and back. But the best option is usually a cool Taper Fade.

5. Modern Quiff Haircut


Get this:

If you are after a classic haircut but with a contemporary twist, then you should definitely try the Modern Quiff.

This hairstyle is merely a Classic Quiff but with more volume at the top & a fade or taper on the sides.


A soft fade will give you a more relaxed look; while a sharp one will give you that neat, modern appearance.

What about the finishing?

Well, that’s entirely up lớn you.


You can use either a gel or wax with a matte finish lớn get a natural, textured finish. Alternatively, you can go with some high-shine pomade for a glossier look.

6. Textured Quiff Hairstyle



As you"ve probably guessed, this hairstyle is more about texture than glossiness & shine.

Usually, the đứng đầu hair is kept a little spiky. However, the kích cỡ of the spikes will determine how texturized the hairstyle will look.

Generally, shorter spikes present a more textured appearance.


It"s also easy khổng lồ style & maintain.

All you have to do is:

Get a classic Quiff haircutAnd once that’s done, style it using a volumizing spray or texturizing powder


These products địa chỉ bulk, depth, & texture (spikes) khổng lồ the hair.

7. Curly Quiff Haircut


Quick question:

Do you have unruly, curly hair? If so, would you lượt thích a trendy và unique hairstyle?

Then, let me suggest a Curly Quiff haircut.

This full bộ gives you a less sleek but more artistic appearance.

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Getting this hairstyle is simple enough, shave the sides and style the top. However, use a wide-toothed comb while styling.

It"s easier that way.


Make sure you don"t flatten your curls with excessive blow-drying & product.

8. Skin Fade Quiff Haircut


Get this:

For men who love adding contrast khổng lồ their hairstyles, the Skin Fade Quiff haircut is a great option.

Typically, Skin Fades feature more skin và less hair. Thus, creating a stylish, good-looking boundary between regions with hair & those without. 

To get this haircut:

You first have khổng lồ style the đứng đầu hair into a Quiff. Any length below four inches will do
Then, vày a Skin Fade on the sides and back. The higher the fade boundary, the more visible the contrast và styling will be

9. Undercut Quiff Haircut


If you are looking for an edgy take, this haircut is all about contrast.

The Undercut Quiff haircut features short hair on the sides and back with plenty of it on top.

Generally, the main difference between this style and the Taper Fade Quiff is the fact that an Undercut features a sharp, High Fade.


To get this haircut, you need to…

Decide on the type of Undercut you want. For a soft Undercut, put in a smooth and wide fade boundary on the sides. On the other hand, a severe one features a High Fade with a narrow fade boundary.To style it, use a salt spray & then proceed lớn blow-dry the hair into shape.

As for the finish, use pomade for a nice, healthy shine.


If you want an edgy haircut but with modern appeal, then definitely go with an Undercut Quiff.

10. The Classic Quiff Haircut



As the name suggests, the Classic Quiff is nothing if not classic.

This timeless cut features shorter hair on the sides và back and longer hair on top.


Its most defining aspect lies in the lack of contrast.

While most Quiff haircut variations rely on lots of contrast, this one does not.

How khổng lồ get it?

Well, start by shaving the sides và back short. Remember, no fades or tapersNext, trim the vị trí cao nhất if needed leaving the fringe a bit longerNow, apply some pomade and style the fringe into a Quiff

And just like that, you’ll have a charming Classic Quiff.

11. Spiky Quiff Hairstyle


Let’s face it:

Even with numerous cool options available today, Spiky hairstyles always find a way lớn steal the limelight. The same can be said about Spiky Quiffs.

Aside from looking trendy & hot, this hairdo is also easy to style and maintain


You just have lớn ensure you have enough hair volume on top.

Now, to lớn get this haircut:

First, apply hair spray, high-hold pomade, or wax khổng lồ style the Spikes
Then lift up the hair on the front end to create a Quiff-like fringe
Lastly, you can taper, fade, or vì both on the sides và back

12. Comb-Over Quiff Haircut


For men with longer hair – between four và seven inches – the Comb-Over Quiff Haircut is an ideal option.

Moreover, it’s easy to style.

Generally, combing long hair lớn one side allows you to style a Quiff without having to worry about where lớn “hide” the excess.

Even better, this cut can be used for both formal & informal occasions.

To get it:

Simply comb over the vị trí cao nhất hair with a Quiff-like fringe
Style the sides as desired – either a fade or a taper

And that’s just about it.

There are other types of Quiff hairstyles, so, don’t go nuts wondering why they aren’t on the list.

I would, however, appreciate it if you can giới thiệu any other trendy styles in the comments below for others to see.


Well, that’s a wrap.

I believe I’ve covered everything there is to know about Quiffs - as promised.

Bottom line:

If what you want is a stylish and classy haircut that can be styled khổng lồ fit any occasion, the Quiff would be a great choice.


What is your favorite Quiff variation? bởi vì you have any questions or thoughts to địa chỉ on?

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